This site exists to enable you to upload photos to directory using your personal logon and password.

This was the Ginger Creek Picture Gallery. It is not a complete list of members, only those who have given permission to use their images appear in the gallery. It reflects the ward boundary changes made in August, 2011. If you got here because you have been a previous member of Ginger Creek Ward, your record and pictures no longer appear. Addresses, phones and children's names and ages do not appear in the list.

Click a letter indicating the first letter of your last name:


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When you have selected a character you will be asked if you want to save it or open the list in the Explorer. Use the explorer to pick the most recent picture (view in the picture mode) . This is the jpg file you will need for uploading to If for whatever reason, you would like to have your picture taken again, notify Leon Goodman and have it made after the Sunday block meeting or in your home if it is difficult to assemble your family on Sunday. allows you to have a family picture and individual pictures. You may be able to make multiple copies of you family picture and crop away other family members to create individual pictures.