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Taunting Herod

Repent, Governor!

Yes, you, Rick Perry.

You are the Herod of this millennium. I confront you with the proposition that you have a problem. You stand today as the one who can be the most powerful leader on the planet or be reduced to the fate of King Herod who persecuted the Saints over two thousand years ago.

Who am I to call you to repentance? I am only an average man of average intelligence, who sinned , repented and asked forgiveness.  I am willing to suffer the fate of John who issued the same threat to Herod. God loves you, but you must not continue in your path without forgiveness.

Who am I? I am Ignoramus, a name given to me which means in the ancient language spoken by Herod and his conqueror, Pontius Pilot, “We don’t know”. In the American South it meant, “A foolish person who is incapable of pouring urine from a boot with instructions written on the heel.”

Do you know what you did? You are the ruler who stood idly by while your Rangers captured 437 children and transported them in Baptist Sunday School buses to many cities such as Houston. Waco and Lubbock so their parents were forced to travel thousands of miles in their SUVs just to be able to hold and assure the little ones.  One of these “children” was a 33 year old grandmother. She was with her daughter and grand daughter and were classified as subjects of Child Protection Services (CPS). Was that legal? You may believe so but the Geneva Convention describes that act as being Genocide. The adult women and minor children were held without any legal rights as an adult citizens of the United States.

You blasted open the front doors of their Dedicated Temple as trembling Priests knelt in fervent prayer before brave Texas Rangers and then let the Federal  agents enter from the back doors. How thoughtful of you for the reputation of the Federal Government!

The details of your involvement are detailed in my electronic a../index.htmlrchives and can be confirmed by a number of news people who were investigating the events since early 2007. It is enough to fill a good size book.

As a professed Christian you know what repentance is. What you may not know is who needs to accept your repentance for it to be valid before the Judgment Bar of God. Let me suggest a partial list:

1. The faithful FLDS people who fled from the oppression of the US Federal Government by purchasing the land in El Dorado and building their Holy Temple with their own sweat and stone they cut from the new ground.

2. The people of the State of Texas that trusted you to guide them in constitutional action. There was more than one point in which you were pleaded with for mercy and you denied it.

3. Mitt Romney who stands in your path of ambition. He is here today because of a faithful grandfather who brought his family to Mexico to raise them away from the intrusion of Federal intrusion in Utah.

There are others of course but without the explicit forgiveness of these three sources you are still on the hook.

As we consider this, time is of the essence. Warren Jeffs lay dying in the custody of jailers in Tyler Texas in the Palestine Jail, where he is kept alive under the influence of drugs administered the State of Texas. Anderson Cooper reports he was moved to Galveston, today.  If he dies, you will be found guilty by the opinions of many truth seeking Americans of martyring a Prophet to 11,000 people.  I do not profess Jeffs’  innocence or guilt but you as the governor are responsible for the rights of all citizens of the United States, whether guilty or not.  Liberate him or kill him as you will. You are ultimately responsible.

Remember these facts which will indict you. The age of consent in Texas  was 14 even after Jeffs came to Texas. At the suggestion of the AG of Utah, you allowed the age of consent to be raised to a point that would deter he interest of this  group in pursuing a migration of American Citizens. Your Rangers were complicit in accepting false witness to the alleged crime of the community. The community as a whole was searched without due process. Over 400 arrests and removals were made without even knowing the names or exact count for many days. Even Adolph Hitler kept track, why couldn’t you?

 Rozita Swinton the hoax caller that gave you cause to conduct the raid was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention and already pledged to Barack Hussein Obama. I remind you that you also were a Democrat before you were a Republican, which in today’s politics is an irrelevant distinction. To some voters, this would provoke a thought or two.

But what do I know?

I am Ignoramus.

Ignoramus is a Latin sentence that states, “We don’t know.”

Mountain time

SKYPE: fleon.goodman  (Chroma key, my blue screen is better than my green screen) call ahead if video is important.

Home: 208 672-9516

Mobile: 208 870-9082

I have a substantial starter kit for investigative news reporters to launch a preemptive strike.

They said there was advance notice of Pearl Harbor and 9/11. I want to prevent the destruction of the best man for President since Washington refused to be King.

As Glenn says, "Do not believe me. Do your own research." I will give a heads up to the Salt Lake City Tribune reporter and make a zip file of all the blog traffic starting in 2007 for the designated researchers. All I need is for one of you to make a move.

Thank you for getting this far.



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