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Barack Hussein Obama, II

Yes, that middle name is there. He used to be Barry for a while but has been conflicted who he is. I am conflicted also because I don't know who he is or who he will become.

I would have taken him as a white man with black genes based on the fact that his white Kansas mother raised him as an infant, tutored him in English in the primitive lands of Indonesia, and returned him to Hawaii to be raised by his white grandparents. By the time he was separated from his mother in his teens, he chose to remain in a civilized white world rather than return to the edge of civilization with her.

ObamaHis left leaning ways were well established and he begain to seek out the Marxist and Socialist role models that became part of his thinking process for the rest of his life.

The clue to how he considered his race was revealed when he described how his "typical white grandmother" was ill at ease when meeting a black man on the street.

It seems to me he was uncomfortable being white and needed to go to Chicago and work as a neighborhood organizer to learn to be progressive and black.

These things do not qualify him as an Ignoramus. He had a very prestigious education with extremely left leaning influences which cast him in the role of the elite class with a desire to be in charge of the "little people".

The thing that makes him an ignoramus is that he has bought into the dreams of the "Free Lunch Bunch", the fact that the government is the ultimate Santa Clause, the provider of houses for everyone, free medical care, food stamps for life, generation after generation and the workers own the tools of production. (General Motors, etc.)

He has the heart of a dictator. It makes no difference that the populace does not want his version of healthcare, security on the border, credit policy or any other prudent policy. He wants to lead the team of progressives to " uh, uh, ....take over" as Rep Maxine Waters reminded us.

I will be brief here, but I will be back!

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Let's try a snarky comment that could be appropriate. Would you say a President who goes golfing with his Vice President is an ignoramus? Yes, one rocket grenade could put Nancy Pelosi in the oval office. How preposterous is that? You would think a man who went to Harvard would understand something like that.

Is Obama really black, or is he green?

Obama was born a Muslim and never recanted.

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