Master of the Universe Endorses
Mitt Romney

Rabbinical Scholars of the Kaballah or Tora Code are predicting events which have been labeled "MEET MITT 2012". Here is one reference:

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Main points

Tora Code is not understood by most people outside the Jewish community. Tora Code has most recently grown very rapidly as the use of the modern computer can now be used to rapidly search and identify relevant messages for our day from the most ancient and holy books authored from the beginning of time and attributed to the mind of G-D (Rabbinical reference to Master of the Universe, not using the Lord's name).

Modern computer best practices rely on verification of any data transmitted to have checks and data verifications. These are usually done by arranging the data into a regular container and applying check sums to the columns and rows of the container. When the data is complex, additional codes; such as cyclic redundancy codes; allow the reconstruction of complex messages.

Areas are arranged as "cylinders" or packets using the smallest unit rectangle of the key words to find the center and then expand the rectangle to find the information contained. Character spacing is constant for each word and words may appear in forward or backward order horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Sentences intersect sharing a common letter. Since the Tora was written in ink, extra check sums would not work to check authenticity of a copy by scribes. A new copy of a Tora could be checked for known patterns to authenticate accuracy.

Modern computer practices permit reconstruction of data even if entire disk drives are destroyed. Even the internet allows mass destruction of the data path without bringing the system down. To believe that G-D does not possess the knowledge to do the same thing, even from the beginning of written history, would be folly.

Further explanation will be added, but for now suffice it to say: belief in the Jewish faith, Prophets, Mysticism or even Mormonism, is not required to appreciate what is happening in the Last Days. Just think about it and do not condemn what you do not understand.