Look! No glasses.

A suspension bridge over the Salmon River.

The atlatl is a throwing stick used for throwing spears to kill large animals.

Shiloh 1 and Coco, alias Mutt and Jeff.
I am practicing posing Coco on vacation.

  2003 is a good year because I just got contacts and I don’t have to wear my glasses all the time now. It was also a good year because this is the year I got Shiloh.
  It’s fun having Shiloh because he’s playful and fun and hard to be with because sometimes he bites and goes in to the garbage and I call him a ‘dumpster diver’.

  This year was fun because when we went camping me and my dad went fishing and I caught a lot of fish. About 28.

  On our camping trip we went to Silverwood and we had a lot of fun there. There was a roller coaster there that went 40 or 60 miles an hour.

  We go to the River Festival parade every year and I took pictures  of the floats and balloons.

  I’m in 4th grade now and I like Idaho history and science, but I like Idaho history more. We went on a field trip and I saw real Indian petroglyphs and used an atlatl.

  My favorite thing is playing on my PS2 with my friends McKade, Brian and Chris. I have sleepovers sometimes, almost on a regular basis with McKade, sometimes with Chris, sometimes with Brian too.

  California seems like a dream now. It’s my distant past.

Merry Christmas!

             A good day's fishing
            Shiloh 2 and Coco playing tug of
           War with a leash.

Dad helps me land a fish.

This is the slowest ride at Silverwood

I took this picture with a digital camera.

Brian, Sam and Andre were in Gryffindor house together.

I am a Ninja on Halloween.

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