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Posted March 20, 2012
Like Baskin Robbins Ice Cream there may be many flavors, Orthodox, Conservative,  Progressive, Latino, White, Black, Gay and Jack . We all share some common things. Joanna Brooks is the Mormon Girl who writes about her experiences, many of which I understand completely. She defines  Mormon, Jew and Gentile relationshiips and creates a new category for getting along.

Here is one item that explains how she is unusual but still a Mormon:
Joanna Brooks on Mormon Flavors,
Mitt Romney and Barack Obama
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 So, has Mitt won the right to run against the incumbent yet?

First posted March 18, 2012

Mormons have a hard time convincing Americans

of their Christian or Political Values

WASHINGTON -- Mitt Romney has called himself "severely conservative" but an expert on religion and politics said the Republican presidential front-runner, a Mormon, is a product of "Mormon culture," which contains "a real strain of moderation and pragmatism" on issues like same-sex relationships, abortion and immigration.