Index of Mitt Romney connected web pages 
The principle site designed by grassroots members containing  contributions from friends and various news organizations.
A Bible Code Rabbi from the holy Land has discovered a hidden message in Deuteronomy 18:13 that states that Mitt Romney will become the President of the United States. Shadow site for and May split later.

The official web site of Mitt Rommney --
Comments on the election process by the pundit, ignoramus which is Latin for "We don't know". Contains strategy and items not in the mainstream media.
mr12 Daily clippings from various news sources.
Real Clear Politics
A score card on the progress of the voting throughout the election cycle. Very good plots and charts giving time line data to show trends. Most complete historoy of cauuses and primaries.
News events from Glenn Beck TV Network
Fair and Ballanced News coverage with both news and commentary from various viewpoints. Neil Cavuto, Bret Baer, Bill O'Riely, Gretta Van Sustern.
A very quick look at all the breaking news events, not filtered by the mainstram Media. Many one line headlines leadig to areas of immediate interest.
Up to date polls based on current election trends.
Classic, old line opinion polls on a variety of subjects and includes the current political questions and answers expressed by the public.