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Welcome to my web site. I am now working on new political commentary in a work called I welcome reader participation and will publish your comments on current events.

A few years ago I wrote and and published my memoirs and family history using short run print technology but I would like to have a more economical way to get my story out. These e-books are exactly what I have published. Click the book cover to start the book. Take your time and bookmark in Favorites where you left off and come back later. You cannot possibly read either one of these books in one sitting.
I am also writing a book on how to self publish in paperback and on the web. Check back to see "Publish Your Book for a Song". I will teach you how to print and bind a book using your computer and how to port it to a website such as this for little or nothing.

Memoirs of Redemption is about growing up in the 40s and 50s in a Texas border town, spending the 70s in  Hollywood, the 80s in San Francisco and finding  peace in spite of a sordid history.

Erastus to You is a history of Erastus Bingham dating back 200 years to the man of faith who joined the largest migration in history. He made a place in the West for his family and progeny numbering in the tens of thousands.

My Personal Recolections is the story of a boy who wanted to fly and had a miraculous life in reaching his goal. I met him at the end of his life and assisted him in publishing his own book for his posterity.

Hohenwald is a pictoral history of my Father's side of the family. Very old images have been restored.

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