History of the Binghampton
LDS Cemetery

By Edna Bingham Sabin

In the year 1901 an old man living alone on the south side of the Rillito River passed away.  His friend asked my father, Nephi Bingham, if he would pick a place to bury him.  He picked the place that is now called the Binghampton LDS Cemetery.  In 1913, Heber Farr’s little girl was buried there.  My father passed away in 1916 and was buried there.  Then one by one was buried there until, in July 1934, when seven was killed in an accident near Jacobs Lake, Arizona and was brought back to Binghampton for burial.  Four of them were my Uncle Jacob’s family, his daughter Pearl and Sister Howard Martineau and her baby.  I would look out of our kitchen window while washing dishes and it looked so bare and all alone.  The last time I was over there, in 1969, the ground and graves were covered with pale yellow flowers.  It looked so beautiful.  I will always remember it that way for I will never be able to see it again.

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