Dedication & Acknowledgements

This book is written for my family about some of the people who contributed to our being here. Thanks to my grandmother, Edna Bingham Sabin, and family historians of the Erastus Bingham line there are some stories of great heroism and devotion and survival that should be of interest. Thanks to Richard Bingham on the internet and other Bingham family researchers, I can now tell the story of a family with a rich history starting from the time that Benjamin Franklin lived.

There had been three generations of Binghams living in America since 1722
, prior to Erastus . The man we will start with was the great patriarch Erastus Bingham Sr. Erastus joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) only three years after the Prophet Joseph Smith had organized the Church on instructions from the Lord. His descendents cannot be calculated, but I would estimate that his progeny numbers about 30,000 people. The following articles are in the words of people who came before me and I will only tie in the last generations to give you an idea where you fit in the family.

The first two chapters on Erastus and Erastus Jr. were written by Richard Bingham with only slight changes gleaned from other books listed in the credits. These books are no longer available in paper form but can be purchased as CD books at the following links.

You may notice that there is some repetitions in the stories of Binghamton and some changes in the spelling of Binghampton. The stories came from different sources, but the original drafts were obviously from the original spiral notebook journals of Edna Bingham Sabin, my grandmother, and edited by other publishers. I have included photo reproductions of one page to illustrate her thinking process at the time

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