Norman L Heap Works

The above graphic written in Latin lists the generations from Abraham to Christ Jesus.

The most recent work of Norman L Heap has not yet been published in book form. It appears here in a web format sitable for reading on handheld devices.

Christ Jesus and His Family

Mary His Mother 

Joachim and Anna, His Grandparents 

Elizabeth His Cousin and her Husband 

Zacharias, and John His Cousin


About the writer/author


            In his eighty-sixth year of life on earth the writer takes word processor in hand to summarize where we came from, why we are here and where we are going after we die, if  we follow the plans our Heavenly Parents have for us. He is the writer/author of a seven book series, covering the Lord God’s covenant people from the days of Adam and Eve to the onset of the Millennium.

            His intent is to remind us of the critical role Jehovah/Christ/Messiah played and continues to play in our Heavenly Parents’ plans for us, after we die. and the essential roles Mary, Christ/Jesus’ earthly mother, His earthly stepfather Joseph, His grandfather Joachim, His grandmother Anna, His Cousin Elizabeth and her husband Zacharias and their son John, played in implementing our Heavenly Parents plans for us.

            The writer is a retired professional educator having served as Vice President of two urban universities, Chicago State and San Francisco State and at Eastern Arizona College in a rural setting. Earlier, in a similar capacity, he served the City of Norwalk, Connecticut School System and Board, comprised of three Catholics, three Protestants and three Jews.         He holds three degrees: bachelors mathematics/physics, masters/state and local school administration and doctorate/higher education administration. He began his career as a mathematics teacher/instructor in High Schools and Community Colleges. He and his deceased wife Virginia are the parents of five children, thirteen grandchildren and six great grandchildren.


                        Other works by the Writer/Author


            Adam, Enoch and Noah           ISBN 0-945905-01-7


            Abraham, Isaac and Jacob     ISBN 0-945905-02-5


            The Twelve Sons of Israel       ISBN 0-946905-04-1


            Moses Aaron and Joshua        ISBN 0-945905-05-X


            The Scattering of Israel           ISBN 0-945905-06-8


            The Redeemer of Israel           ISBN 0-945905-07-6


            The Gathering, Perfection

            and Redemption of Israel       ISBN 0-945905-08-4


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