No rhythm or rhyme,
but here is my offer  
take it and run,
It's yours,
I'd be pleased.

walking and chewing,
piece of cake
walking and talking ,
a little bit harder
singing and playing,
hard to fake
the next thing is
learning to dance.

I once met a man singing in Hebrew
a song that was new to us both
Baruch atah Adoni,
from the synagogue next to grave yard
in the first place., Jews had to meet

I rode a bike,
he drove a car

he showed me his
camera and

gave me an offer
we met but
he taught me to dance.

He was an old man,
gray hair and a beard,

after photos, he thought,
"I once taught children
to dance."

I sang my song and
he said lookee here,

he rose to his feet
and danced

to a bookie beat.
and I learned how to
move my feet

I strummed and I sang.

Now I drive, and he don't,
he sits in his chair and
dreams of the day when
he'll teach me to fly.

If we ever meet again in this life
or the next will talk
of old times
or teach me to fly.

From Leon: She learned to fly on her own and has been all over the place.

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