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You keep the change - October 11, 2011

The new anthem for America will not be on the radio or TV, but on Glenn Beck's new streaming TV network, GBTV.com. Hank Williams Jr. aka Bocephus belts out a real viral creation in the form of a country anthem after being given the boot  by the NFL conglomerate for making a golf metaphor.

Of course you will find it on Youtube like I did. There are several versions, with and without printed words.Bosephus joins our ignoramus gallery on the right. Click below to see the printed version.


To see him sing, click here.

Another country anthem, Keep the Change can be seen here.

I would be surprized to see either one of these anthems played on the Lame Stream Media.

But what do I know?

I am Ignoramus.

Ignoramus is a Latin sentence that states, “We don’t know.”

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