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Danny & Jessica

O! What a year! What an ‘0’ year too!
We had so much to celebrate, nothing to rue.

What is she talking about, you say?
Travel, more travel – is she coming our way?

Vacations, graduations, and weddings -- all big to-dos,
Family and friends – we had nothing to lose!
 June was the 20th anniversary for Leon and I,
The very same month, Sam graduated to junior high.
Leon is now a septuagenarian,
No, no! I didn’t say vegetarian!
But more important yet to me:
In December, I possessed 50!

Now with 2005 nearly through,
These thoughts and photos I share with you.
But also remember, these things too,
My love and prayers are always with you!

I don’t know what came over me,
I never write in rhyme.
But I just could not help myself,
Something happened strange this time.

Though here I am brief, please know well,
The rest of the story the captions will tell.
And Leon has his say, Sam does too,
Now here is our year laid out for your view.

Eva’s Big 5-0

Angela, Carol & David (Carol’s 8-month-old  son) from New York, Shizuka from Kansas, DeeAnna from Spokane, Robyn from Texas, Chris from California, Lisa from Boise, and me. We had a grand time at gyrokinesis class, the spa & The Milky Way for dinner. The big party with lots of local friends and then the pajama party at a local B&B with gourmet breakfast the next morning.

  I wanted to celebrate the wonderful life I’ve shared with family & friends and most of those who could not be here; I was able to talk with instead. I hope the rest of my days are as blessed by my loved ones as were the days past.

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Big Picture
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Eva & Erlinehttp://www.pbase.com/photoleon/image/53715736/small
Eva and Earlene
 at La Grange.

Cindy, Terry & Eva,
together again in Concord.

California, here I come

Sam hadn’t been back to California since we moved. I, on the other hand, try to make an annual visits. This year I had two. The big road trip with Sam and a quick weekend trip for Shizuka’s daughter Michelle’s wedding in August. Both were great fun; but never enough time to see everyone  and do everything I’d like to do.

A sweet memory for me, a swan on the lagoon at the Palace of Fine Arts in SF where Leon & I were married 20 years ago.

Eva & Sara
Eva and Sarah in Antioch.

Tante Chris, Sam & Eva, spring break in Burlingame

Marti in Marin.

Colonial Days at Pioneer Elementary. Of course, we dressed for the occasion, dipped candles, played colonial day games. I miss hanging out in the class room, even grading spelling tests. Middle School doesn’t have much call for classroom help. I did semi-chaperone my 1st 6th grade dance though. Gotta know what’s going on.

We had lots of fun balancing on the half-log teeter-totter while camping at Baumgartner’s. The trick is to jump off at the right time and send the other people flying.

A Last Word from Eva

Okay. I let the photos & captions tell most of my year but it doesn’t say it all. I’m still exercising regularly with Pilates and Gyrotonic although Robyn moved to Texas in June. (Sob!!) Volleyball part of the year too.

The gospel and Church activities, callings and friends are in integral part of everyday life.

Family and friends are my earthly lifeline. I am so blessed to have all of you in my life. I wish you all the joy of the season and the best for the coming 2006.

This is my favorite photo of Sam this year. I took it at Glacier Park this summer.
That was when we got the photo of Sam, Coco & Shiloh (right) too.

 Poor Shiloh had a neck abscess and needed his whole head wrapped to keep the bandage on. It was a good time for it to happen though, he had to be medicated and it made for a very smooth addition of the guinea pigs to the pack.

Sam, Coco & Shiloh.

David was born to Carol & Dave on  March 30. I was fortunate to be in NY for his christening in June.

The siblings don’t get to have a photo taken together very often but we did have the opportunity at Danny & Jess’s wedding in June.
So here we are: Marty, Carol, Joan, Angela, Mary, Jimmy & me.

You’ll have to go to the website to see photos of Aunt Carol, Uncle Philip & Aunt Sandra,
and everyone else at the wedding.

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