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eric holder
Eric Holder is the United States Attorney General chosen by Barak Abama to enforce the laws of the country. The Federal Trade Commision is responsible to regulate business conducted between states with differing laws such as collecting debts from one state to another. One such law is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. See also RICO. Click on the picture to learn more about our US Attorney General.


What is an ignoramus?

The source of the word ignoramus is from the common Latin dating before the Christian era. Its exact meaning is “We don’t know”.

Ignoramus is an elitist word dating from the time King James ordered an English translation of the Bible which at the time was only available in Latin. Comedy clubs existed in King James time, but they called it university theatre.

Go here to get a historic definition on the word, Ignoramus.

Retail theft

Click here to enter the conversation on shoplifting, petit theft, retail theft and the problems with facing extortion if you are involved with any of these issues.

What is an ignoramus?
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I am Leon Goodman, a resident of Boise, Idaho USA for the last 10 years. Since my retirement from Bank of America I have been active in Internet blogging and photography. I have photographed such eclectic locations as Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Tea Party events on the steps of the Idaho State Capitol. I am the owner and principal operator of the web site ignoramus.us, specializing on political content and things we don’t know anything about. I also blog about myself, family history, bookbinding, and interesting people I have met including a number of con artists, one of whom was a bank vice president and imposter.
My challenge when I was first employed by Bank of America thirty years ago was to save $4 million in paper printing costs. At review time I saved over $18 million. My bonus allowed me to move from my rented apartment to my own home near Twin Peaks in San Francisco. My happy years with BoA allowed me to make many more million dollar savings supporting computer based systems for mortgage loan preparation, fraud prevention and ATM cash vault support. My connections to Hewlett Packard in Boise directed $20 million in printer sales benefiting many families working in the Boise facilities. I also worked hand in hand to create printer connectivity on local and network printers. I was very privileged to learn more about bank fraud from Catch Me If You Can character and FBI consultant, Frank Abagnale .
My previous addresses include New York, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona and six cities in California. In LA I was a performing member of the Hollywood Magic Castle.