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Who are we?

The Ignoramus to the left is me, Leon Goodman. The "We" part is you and me. I don't know everything, but between you and me, we can add to the accumulated knowledge of the world. We won't be a Wikipedia but we can have a little fun at the expense of "them".

My web site is www.leongoodman.com

You will find memoirs and family history and photography tutorials there.

Comments about this site and contributions and suggestions should be sent to my email with the comment "ignoramus" in the subject line.

Click on my e-mail: leongoodman@msn.com

Feel free to include photos, even though there are many photos on the internet. You may attach Word documents, unlocked PDF files or plain text for your subject material.

Because this site is new and I have no proofreader your corrections will be welcome. There is no spell checker on my web editor, but material that passes through Word may be checked for spelling.

I am currently a resident of Boise, Idaho and have life experiences in parts of California, Arizona, Utah and Texas.

I believe that some of the conspiracy theories surrounding the selection of our Federal offices have merit and would appreciate any information you may be holding.

I hope to hear from you.


SKYPE: fleon.goodman  (Chroma key, lime green) call ahead if video is important.

Home: 208 672-9516

Mobile: 208 870-9082

I have a substantial NIKON kit for investigative news reporting including Eye-Fi to flickr connectiviy for good print quality and HD Video. I am a pro photographer working for the Boise VA Hospital.

I am president of Treasure Valley Tech Patrol, LLC providing technical tutoring for TV Streaming and Video on Demand.

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