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The Sucker Punch - Aug 25, 2011

The Ignoramus just woke up again and realized that an old conspiracy has just been juiced up again. The modern phase started in 2007 but has roots in 1842 and 1952. Mitt Romney is about to be sucker punched by Rick Perry using a wind-up that he didn’t start.

This conspiracy is especially interesting because I am going to tip you off before it is even delivered to the public. The actors and participants are the FBI, the Attorneys General of Utah and Arizona, and the legislature and Governor of Texas. The public clerk who documented this conspiracy which has not yet matured is the Salt Lake Tribune, a Pulitzer winning news organization which has hundreds of news items detailing the reality of the propaganda about to unfold.

Short version – When Mitt Romney hinted he was serious about a run for President in 2008, an obscure religious leader; who fell heir to the polygamous community near the Utah/Arizona border; was named the most wanted man by the FBI ahead of Osama Bin Laden. The wanted man never carried a gun and never laid a hand on a woman in anger, and never bombed a US City. Then within a week of achieving number one status on the FBI list a $25,000 reward was offered. When that didn’t provide the necessary interest, the reward was raised to $50,000. Finally the reward was raised to $100,000. The reward was never paid of course because a routine stop by a patrolman in Nevada took Warren Jeffs into custody.

What has this got to do with Mitt Romney? Immediately reports from the Progressive Left and the Democratic National Committee matched every advance by Romney with snarky remarks. A special hit man from the DNC was assigned and he had a comment on Mitt every day for about 10 months.  You see, Mitt’s grandfather was a polygamist. His was one of the last legal families who migrated to Mexico rather than to break US laws by supporting his family in a way he had covenanted to do. He was a Mormon who did the right thing when the US laws began to work against the Saints in Utah. The propaganda insinuations were very ugly, dirty and deceptive. Some things were obvious lies, but accepted by many even up to this week in lefty blogs.

I hope the Ignoramus has your attention in four paragraphs. Of course the people should be interested now but the movers and the shakers are Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and a constitutional attorney David French.

In the last five years I have saved hundreds of blogs and news items on this subject. Those items covered by the Salt Lake Tribune were ignored by the AP and Deseret News papers and NO other significant news was published by the rest of the main stream media. Opera Winfrey, Nancy Grace and Larry King gave voice to the “victims” and innocent bystanders but they are no longer active in the surviving  public media. Beck has left the establishment for the future vision of knowledge dissemination. Who will explain this phenomena when the sucker punch is delivered? Will it be the DNC, George Soros, MoveOn.org or MSNBC? Will the same media have done its homework? I hope so and will offer help whenever needed.

My invitation to Glenn Beck: You are a born again Christian, a recovering alcoholic, a Mormon, an advocate of streaming TV, and a fan of Ben Franklin, George Washington and Orson Welles. So am I, but I am also a fan of Mitt Romney because I have know his family for 60 years and love every Romney that I know. I was a Texan and you are a Texan. I work for you and you don’t know it yet. I am the President of Treasure Valley Tech Patrol and I teach people how to avoid STDs (streaming TV Devices like ROKU) and get their Glenn Beck and BYUTV from their tablets, Droids, PCs, laptops and new network enabled TVs for free.  I am a tech tutor, stringer photographer and volunteer for the VA Hospital, LDS Welfare Cannery and anything else worthwhile, including you. I own Ignoramus.us and several other web sites.

O’Reilly, you are fair and balanced, but don’t let the balanced part keep you from seeing the reasonable part of the argument. I trust you to investigate and see what is happening.

Sean Hannity, you are the Knight from the Right. Go get em!

David French, when you see it all laid out it will disturb you and stir righteous indignation. Rick Perry condoned bringing Mark Shurtleff,  the AG of Utah to the legislature to explain how to stop the FLDS in Texas. Immediately the legislature revised the age of consent up from 14 to an age that would entrap Warren Jeffs. The law was not used to deter any other Texas citizen except Jeffs and he was given a life term in a jury trial lasting one hour of deliberation in a community that did not allow a change of venue. The judge was complicit with the legislation enacted to entrap Jeffs.  Does Ex post facto suggest that this is not fair play? In defense of the AGs of both Utah and Arizona, they had formed a safety net committee and issued joint instructions in their states to protect the rights of families living the plural marriage principle and they or their investigators can not explain why the FBI got involved. That is part of the puzzle.

Jeffs, a simple and pious man, a prophet to his people was bullied after five years of false imprisonment by Utah and Arizona to fire seven of his lawyers and defend himself at his final trial in Texas. Arizona held him for two years without bringing him to trial. Utah threw out his conviction but handed him off to Arizona who, after two years, handed him off the Texas. I don’t think this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind for justice in America. Jeffs was not a likable man in our PC world, but what he did was done with the acceptance of God for thousands of years and is still practiced by the largest religious group in the world, even in the US and Canada. Most of Jeff’s wives are aging widows inherited from his father for whom he cared for faithfully. You see, government welfare is the sin. Charity is God’s way of solving these problems. Have you thought what you would do? Throw a stone? He believed that every child should be raised with a father and mother. If mothers are good, then more mothers are better. Society today believes that it is better to have a child with only a mother than to have a father care for more than one mother and her children. What makes sense?

David, there is plenty to work with. With your recent media experience, you are now a qualified expert, capable of speaking out on the issue of genocide by transportation of 435 children seized in a single raid from a community and dispersed to homes over 1,200 miles from parents and siblings. Mostly all siblings of a family were separated from each other. Yes, an appellate court reversed the capture within 5 weeks, but  great social and economic damage was wreaked on an entire community without due process. No marriages were consummated in a community of 10,000 people for a period of two years. By the Geneva convention there was genocide at two levels. The Governor of Texas stood quietly by, a dispassionate observer, wondering whether it was God or the Fundamentalist Mormons who firebombed the Governor’s mansion. You didn’t know about that? I don’t know if they found out who did it. I didn’t care. I think I have an idea for a book. Do you know any ghost writers?

Oh, and the 16-year-old girl who called for help to justify the raid, she was 33- year-old Rozita Swinton, a black delegate for Obama in the Colorado Democratic Convention. She held an LDS membership and had made practice calls to other communities to see how to do it. She had also had dealings with an FLDS dissident in Utah who fed her inside information to make her calls for help credible. Rozita was never seen in public or available for inquiry by Jeff’s defense team. Her records were “sealed” by local authorities in Colorado. You see she had rights as a black person. The news did not state she was black, but two pictures were available in the early days of her discovery. Strange stuff, conspiracy, it is not all theory but sometimes very provable fact.

David, pray with Nancy on this and ask if this is a calling. Allow yourself to dream. I mean that literally. It works for me and the Dali Llama recommends sleep as the best meditation. Remember the gift of discernment is one of the gifts of the spirit. 1Cor:12. I believe I have that gift. You may also.

Ignoramus is a Latin sentence that states, “We don’t know.”

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I have a substantial starter kit for investigative news reporters to launch a preemptive strike.

They said there was advance notice of Pearl Harbor and 9/11. I want to prevent the destruction of the best man for President since Washington refused to be King.

As Glenn says, "Do not believe me. Do your own research." I will give a heads up to the Salt Lake City Tribune reporter and make a zip file of all the blog traffic starting in 2007 for the designated researchers. All I need is for one of you to make a move.

Thank you for getting this far.



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