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What is an ignoramus?

I have the great opportunity to introduce you to a great multi-faceted word with meanings that build on the vocabulary of political thought whose lexicon contains such words as: idiot, moron, pea brain, dummy and stupid.

The source of the word ignoramus is from the common Latin dating before the Christian era. Its exact meaning is “We don’t know”. Earlier expressions of the meaning were probably associated with a quick raise of the shoulders and a roll of the eyes.

Ignoramus is an elitist word dating from the time King James ordered an English translation of the Bible which at the time was only available in Latin. Comedy clubs existed in King James time, but they called it university theatre. The theatre piece was a series of “stand up” comedian bits based on the premise that the courts and the theatre had a great deal of similarity in the rules and procedures and left themselves to the application of puns and satire that was humorous to the university elite who were fluent in Latin. The play was written to be performed in Latin and as such went over the heads of non-Latin speakers of the time. The play was presented to King James I at Trinity College Theatre at Cambridge and he was so delighted that he arranged for a second perfomance two month later. English versions are available today and are funny enough to be worthwhile reading, but obviously some of the puns do not translate well. Ignoramus happens to be the name of a key character who is an attorney. Some judges and attorneys of the time thought that the Trinity College Theatre was making fun of them and tried to shut the play down, but of course that just made it more popular. I would imagine that today there may be quite a few Harvard Law students familiar with this piece. Ruggle, the author of the play made great fun of the University Elite and attempt to use Latin to obfuscate court procedures to baffle the hoy paloi. (I can do that, too. I took Latin in hight school.)

People in the southern USA in the music world have applied “ignoramus” to a person who cannot play or tune a stringed instrument such as a banjo or guitar. My grandmother from Tennessee applied it to any ignorant or illiterate person.

In this politically correct world, it is hard to find appropriate pejorative words to describe stupid people in politics. I hope to be able to provide you with the proper tools for this endeavor. In political propaganda the excessive use of adjectives gives the plot away far in advance of the actual presentation of any issue. The vocabulary of the left wing ignoramus does little to conceal the ulterior motives of the wicked, satanic perpetrator. Whoops, see what I mean?

This site is loosely organized as lists of people containing a list of qualifying deeds.

The pictures of people of interest are public domain images which have been treated with the Obama icon process and if you don’t notice right away have been selected by an attractiveness index depending on the ignoramus factor. To the best of our ability we will put the lefties on the left and the righties on the right in accordance with the biblical admonition of goats on the left and sheep on the right.

We feature articles about people who do not appreciate how our great American system works and exposures of those who conspire to cripple our society.

When we say, "We", who do we mean? It is the "Royal" we. You and I contribute what we have learned about things that go wrong or things that go right and we are still learning.

Write an article or letter and we will add your thoughts to this site.

Let's try a snarky comment that could be appropriate. Would you say a President who goes golfing with his Vice President is an ignoramus? Yes, one rocket grenade could put Nancy Pelosi in the oval office. How preposterous is that? You would think a man who went to Harvard would understand something like that.
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