Peek-a-Boo & Butterscotch

Moving on from Pioneer

Ian and Sam met at 9 months old.

Snowboarding at Bogus Basin.

Handstand on the tramp.

Another handstand
  My favorite time of 2005 was when I got my guinea pigs; Peek-a-Boo and Butterscotch. I got the guinea pigs for my 12th birthday. I had a really wild party for my birthday too. It was pretty much out of hand. It was a backwards party – we started by saying “Good-bye, thanks for coming!” and with opening presents. We did everything in reverse. It was really fun because the attention was all on me.

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I’m in middle school now. I graduated from Pioneer Elementary. Pioneer was fun but Lowell Scott is much better. I’m able to move around and not just in one class all day. And there’s vending machines.

During spring break I went to California. I saw the great views of California. I visited my old friends Greer and Daniel and Ian and my mom’s friends too. I visited Columbia with Ian and we had a fun time exploring all the old places there. I went to San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge again.

In June I went to New York for my cousin’s wedding. I was still in school so I couldn’t stay long. I met up with my cousins Timmy and Andrew. Andrew took us fishing. We hung out as much as we could swimming, playing PS2 games, just running around.

We went family camping. I always want to go some place that has hot springs.
I hadn’t gone snowboarding yet this winter, not since the beginning of the year. I go camping every month with the scouts and our next campout is an Arctic thing and we’ll be snowboarding then.

In all, my favorite thing to do still is hanging out with my friends. We hang out, jump on the tramp – I want to learn how to do a double back flip, play PS2, and when ever I go someplace I like a friend to come along.

That’s all for now. Happy New Year!

Sam and Mckade,
levitate in Lotus position.

Golden Gate Bridge.

Greer and Sam, best friends in 1st grade.

Daniel and Sam, friends since preschool.

Sam and Timmy, my first cousin from New York. We are 35 days apart.

Sam, doing his thing.

The annual face painting at the fair.
This year, with Sean, for a goof -- flames coming from Blue of 'Blue's Clues' fame.

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