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Kabuki - January 23, 2012

Slate magazine published a criticism about pundits who suggested that some things are Kabuki theater and gave a lame treatise about inept use of that word. Rush Limbaugh and other pundits know precisely what Kabuki is in relation to Politics. I aspire to be a pundit and listen to everything Karl Rove says. He is the guy reputed to know the most about elections in our country and now I know it is true. Karl has willingly been recruited to play his part and I can see him mince his words to stay in character. I have also noted that Sarah Palin is playing by the same script. It is not likely that I will ever have sufficient readership to spoil the plot here so indulge me to share the secret. The main stream media is clueless and not involved. I suspect Fox News has been perfecting its Kabuki for the last few years.

Our modern theater is geared to the size of bladders, the need for alcohol, and to be performed on a seven day schedule for the available time of the Hoi Poloi. Productions are no more than three acts and at least one major potty break also used for imbibing.

The 400 year old Japanese Kabuki sometimes lasted all day and people had to arrange for meals. Keeping the audience involved enough to be there for the end was a definite consideration. Modern Kabuki is designed to fit within a tourist’s schedule. Kabuki, just like the American western movie there are white hats and black hats, handlebar mustaches and other tricks to remind audience members what the character represents.

Our modern political process is designed to gather our attention for long enough to learn what we are voting for before the election. We have had over a dozen presidential debates and still the most recent ones took second place to Snooki and the Jersey Shore bunch. The first three primaries gave three different candidates a first place position and the third primary required that the obvious frontrunner had lost his marbles and had to pull his punches to make it work out that way. You are smart. So what was all that hooey about your tax returns?

Kabuki had rodeo clowns just like Fox News had Glenn Beck. Glen owns his own network now and produces about six hours of new programming a day and no longer is the clown. Surprised?

In today’s political Kabuki the same costume and character clues are there. The Cowboy and Mother Hubbard are gone but may show up in Act Three. The sweater vest is now a symbol and the Cowboy exited stage right. The Chinese diplomat has gone into the sunset. Keep listening to Sarah, Witch of the North and Karl, the Wizard of DC, because they know what is going on and are being careful not to telegraph the end but keep us all interested. Sarah said on the day of the South Carolina election that it is not time to end the plot because all the audience has still not arrived and become involved. Everyone needs to be in their seat on March 6th when the cast will be narrowed still with no real winner in sight. That will be the end of Act One. Act Two will be played out in three days in Tampa Bay, Florida and then we have Act Three on Nov 6. If that isn’t Kabuki, I don’t know what is.

A large percentage of Americans will not be aware of Act One, Two or Three. Are you registered to vote? If so, you have a ticket. Come on in and see Kabuki.

Be prepared to vote…. or not.

David Archuleta to go on Mission for LDS Church - Dec 21, 2011

I was blown away by the thought of David being assigned a mission on this planet where he was immune from implosion from his fan base. He is going to need multiple Mission Presidents to pray full time for guidance. When Elvis went to the Army, the most stressed out were his chain of command all the way to the President. I know there are work missions and proseyting missions but now maybe it is time for a touring mission. Imagine Vocal Point, Gladys Knight and Alex Boye’ on world tour with a finishing up concert in DC on Inauguration day with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Oh, the glory of it! It thrills my heart! The rest of his mission could be a fifty state tour in stadiums with twin baptismal fonts on flatbeds. In the last days old men will have dreams and young men will prophesy. I happen to be old, by the way and my dreams are getting exciting.

What is an ignoramus?

I have the great opportunity to introduce you to a great multi-faceted word with meanings that build on the vocabulary of political thought whose lexicon contains such words as: idiot, moron, pea brain, dummy and stupid.

The source of the word ignoramus is from the common Latin dating before the Christian era. Its exact meaning is “We don’t know”. Earlier expressions of the meaning were probably associated with a quick raise of the shoulders and a roll of the eyes.

Ignoramus is an elitist word dating from the time King James ordered an English translation of the Bible which at the time was only available in Latin. Comedy clubs existed in King James time, but they called it university theatre.

Go here to get a historic definition on the word, Ignoramus.

In this politically correct world, it is hard to find appropriate pejorative words to describe stupid people in politics. I hope to be able to provide you with the proper tools for this endeavor. In political propaganda the excessive use of adjectives gives the plot away far in advance of the actual presentation of any issue. The vocabulary of the left wing ignoramus does little to conceal the ulterior motives of the wicked, satanic perpetrator. Whoops, see what I mean?

This site is loosely organized as lists of people containing a list of qualifying deeds.

The pictures of people of interest are public domain images which have been treated with the Obama icon process and if you don’t notice right away have been selected by an attractiveness index depending on the ignoramus factor. To the best of our ability we will put the lefties on the left and the righties on the right in accordance with the biblical admonition of goats on the left and sheep on the right.

To see their qualifications, just click the image. If you see a larger version of their icon, that list is not yet written.

We feature articles about people who do not appreciate how our great American system works and exposures of those who conspire to cripple our society.

When we say, "We", who do we mean? It is the "Royal" we. You and I contribute what we have learned about things that go wrong or things that go right and we are still learning.

Write an article or letter and we will add your thoughts to this site.

Let's try a snarky comment that could be appropriate. Would you say a President who goes golfing with his Vice President is an ignoramus? Yes, one rocket grenade could put Nancy Pelosi in the oval office. How preposterous is that? You would think a man who went to Harvard would understand something like that.

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