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No Rhythm or Rhyme

The ice bucket challenge - Sept 2014

The Ides of March

Stinger? What's that?  What was Benghazi all about anyway?  6/1/2013

Smoke and smokescreens have always been an implement of war

The sin eaters. What is Eric Holder's role in all the scandals?


Finding Mitt's Grandmother

Marriage for Dummies - May 31, 2012

It's déjà vu all over again - May 29, 2012

Nattering Nabobs of Negativity - May 15, 2012

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The ice bucket challenge - Sept 2014

The holy sacrament for the 21st century is fast becoming the ice bucket challenge. In very early days there were sacrificial lambs. John the Baptist introduced the act of being submerged in the River Jordan as a cleansing process that became explained in great detail later as the burial and resurrection and the washing away of sins.

Great public activities need punctuation marks. In the opera, the fat lady sings. In football the victorious coach is doused with a barrel of Gatorade. In the year 2014 the cure for ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) is conducted by dumping a bucket of ice water on a person's head. The person is a willing subject and if he accepts the challenge of standing there while icewater is being dumped on him and he also agrees to get a commitment from three other people to do the same thing he has performed an act of faith.

It is not known to the lay physician such as me exactly how the mechanism of curing ALS happens when ice water is dumped on a person who does not necessarily have ALS, or even knows anyone who has ALS. Some research has been done on very elderly people determine the secret of longevity and the avoidance of Alzheimer's. These studies have shown that such counter intuitive things like having a cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening and a healthy sex life will prolong and improve the quality of life well beyond the 90s. This of course is not near as uncomfortable as a bucket of ice water over your head, and you would think that there is just as much need to cure Alzheimer's, so why wouldn't we pick a more comfortable route to ending misery in the world?

There is a woman in my family was perfectly willing to dump a very full bucket of very cold icewater including the ice cubes on her head before videocamera to cure ALS, but refuses to have sex with her husband knowing full well that that is one of the three elements that will help him to fend off Alzheimer's which he already has symptoms of.

Ordinarily I don't meddle in the affairs of others, but it just so happens that I am a candidate for dementia. I am in need of a kindhearted person who believes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care. I will need the care soon unless I step in front of a beer truck before that time.

The Ides of March

Beware the Ides of March. These were the famous opening words recorded by William Shakespeare as advice to the characters in Julius Caesar. The ides of March are upon us at this time. The lunar calendar and the Julian calendar, are in coincidence in a very strange way.

Reminding you that ignoramus asks the questions, not answers them, consider the following.

An airplane designated as a 777 and as flight number 370 takes off from the only other city on the globe with twin towers reminiscent of the ones destroyed 12 years ago and is magically plucked from the sky without any clues. Now imagine that the whole world is puzzling over such an incident and yet a great many people on earth have anticipated the end of days and the rapture when people will be plucked from the Earth's and no one can explain their whereabouts.
Whether or not that flight is ever found, you have to ask yourself "how do you people ever imagine that the rapture will occur?"

There are those who are making suggestions. I don't endorse them specifically but there are some numerical clues that give us cause think.

See possible clues


The world is waiting for the other shoe to drop. What does it mean? Where as flight 370? Does it make any difference whether we find it or not? Will we all be asleep when the rapture happens? Does it validate, or invalidate anything that religious people have been talking about for thousands of years?

If you had a chance to prepare yourself for the end of times, what would you do? Could you prepare yourself? Would you allow yourself to repent of anything that is pending that would prevent you from progressing to eternity? Would you want to be with someone you cared for under these circumstances? A lot of questions, isn't it?

Supposing, nothing else strange happens for a while. Are you home free? Supposing nothing else strange happens for a while? Do we just forget about it? No matter what happens, I would suggest that we take the opportunity to examine ourselves and determine if we are ready for the end of time days. Is our house in order? Would we finally decide to be kind to one another? If we are convinced that time has come to warn our friends and our enemies, would we do it?

Consider what the meanings of the destruction of the twin towers were to the United States 12 years ago. Consider that the aircraft took off in Kuala Lumpur took off from a location that had twin towers equal in importance stature and detail are the ones destroyed 12 years ago. Consider the symbology that was built into the construction of the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur.There are an incredible number of things that have symbolic  meaning at this time. If you would only exercise your mind to apply the symbols that appear in the links of this web hosting you may have an understanding of what the possibilities are.

Consider for a moment the meaning of the destruction of the twin towers in New York City over 12 years ago. Consider that the airplane disappeared a few days ago left from a city that has twin towers equivalent in size and majesty to those that were destroyed a dozen years ago consider the symbology that has been architected into those buildings and what they mean in the bridge that connects the twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur that are different from the ones destroyed in New York City.

Consider that the airplane disappeared had just come to altitude and apparently made a U-turn. Consider that the glide path with the amount of fuel is on board would produced an incredible downward sloping flight in which the plane would reach the extreme limits of aircraft and can be pointed at the twin towers in the city it departed from.

Now, consider that the creator of the universe did not want this second destruction to take place. Consider that the disappearance of this plane in sight of the entire world was not consistent with the will of God at this time.

I did not tell you anything that was incredible, untrue or impossible to believe but the entire world is still looking for the wreckage of that plane. It makes no difference whether we even find the wreckage of that plane. Do not be concerned about the fate of the people on that plane. My guess is that they are in a better place then you or I are at this time.

Beware the Ides of March, it may be a part of the events that begin a new phase in the history of man.

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Stinger? What's that?
What was Benghazi all about anyway?         6/1/2013


As some Ignoramus fans know, our name comes from the Latin phrase "we know nothing"

style is to not quote facts, but to ask questions. Here is a list of questions for this news cycle.

What is a stinger? hint

Why did Hillary Clinton send stingers to Libya?  hint

Was it to take out Qaddafi on the cheap?

the Syrian rebels actually shoot down a plane using a stinger on August 13, 2012?

Why was the Turkish ambassador in the American ambassador's compound two hours before the attack on Benghazi?

Why was the Turkish Prime Minister standing beside President Obama when he answered the questions about Benghazi affairs?

What was on the Turkish transport ship from Benghazi to Syria transporting?

Did Sen. McCain talk to the rebels in Syria and ask them whether the stingers had arrived?

Did he report the results of this conversation to the American people?

Did you know that two out of three of the Jihadi groups in Syria and Mali had either toppled a government, canceled an election, or assassinated an American ambassador?

Which of these three groups are complicit in terrorist activities and North Africa: Ansar Al-Sharia, Sharia Maghrib, AQIM (Al Qaeda in Maghrib) or all three?

All of these questions can be answered using an internet search engine. There is no need to go to secret classified information. If you think you know the answers to 80% of these questions you can consider yourself a conspiracy theorist. Congratulations, we need more of those today.

I am including a picture of a stinger with the comments that there are about 13,000 of these devices still in inventory and are being used by many of our allies. They have been available in Turkey and Saudi Arabia and can be ordered from the Raytheon Corporation in the USA with permission, of course, from the United States government. They are often given away for free to freedom fighters throughout the world. They are capable of shooting down a commercial airliner anywhere in the flight path of an airport.
Anyone near any airport in the world is capable of bringing down any jet or chopper within a five-mile range. They can be carried in a backpack or the trunk of a car. You can fire four of them from a rack in the back of a pickup truck. Stingers have been intercepted being smuggled into the USA.

All this information and more is freely available on the internet. Merely use your search engine.


Smoke and smokescreens have always been an implement of war. The warrior's challenge is to be able to distinguish smoke from real weapons. So far we have seen all scandals and last nine months has all been smoke. The real scandal has not been exposed.

The childhood game of button button who's got the button aptly describes the game we are playing now. To play the game you do not even have to know what the button looks like. Someone with the button between the palms of these hand appears to transfer that button to everybody in the group except one person who must guess where the button was deposited. The person who is it must guess who has the button and chooses somebody he believes to a received the button when he asked the person if they have the button they open their hands and show that they do not have the button the person who actually has the button is allowed to pass it to somebody else. As as originally stated, you do not even have to know how big the button is or what color it is only that you have the button and you're ready to pass it to others who must try to guess who and the group has the button

In order to understand the scandal of Benghazi you have to start about six months before the event and see the timeline of what is happening.

Let us start the timeline in February of 2012. It was the year of presidential elections and two of the candidates had a lot in common. One candidate was Mitt Romney with a degree from Brigham Young University and Harvard he represented a conservative business approach and worked outside the normal political groups. The other candidate was Yeah Samake, also a graduate of Brigham Young University with a degree in business and politics with conservative ideas about free elections and government. He was a candidate for president of Mali, a country in North African just south of Libya. The countries that line up across the northern rim of Africa. The southern southern shores of the Mediterranean are called the Maghrib. A group of Jihadies in North Africa called themselves Sharia Maghrib. They formed a raiding party and attacked the city of Timbuktu within Mali. Their modus operandi was to enter a village, beat the first woman not wearing a veil properly, and cut off the hand of a prominent man in order to demonstrate how sharia law was supposed to control the people. This is similar to what Roman centurion's did in a time of Caesar in order to terrorize a village into submission. The purpose of this action was to discredit the current president of Mali who was retiring after concluding a new election for the next leader. Sharia Maghreb succeeded in overthrowing the president in his last months of office and postponing the election indefinitely. The BYU trained candidate who was only 30 days from facing an election was put on the back burner and is still waiting for the next election which will be held after July 7 in 2013.

The next timeline event occurs on August 15 when Syrian freedom fighters shoot down a government plane using a stinger missile. Stinger missiles were known to have been in the hands of Libyan freedom fighters, placed there by our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The Libyan government possessed Russin SA-7 missiles similar in design to American FIM-92Cs. All we know is that 13,000 of these missiles exist in inventory for the United States. It is not known how many missiles were actually assigned for use of ground troops in Libya to oust Qadhafi. It is also not known how many of the missiles were used and how many of the missiles still remained in the hands of Libyan opposition forces.

From this point the game of button button starts to be conducted using lethal antiaircraft missiles that can be fired by a single soldier hidden in the bushes.

The next timeline event is when a state department officer turns in his regular resignation in the last week of August 2012. Resignations, as you might know are sometimes forced and are sometimes used for someone who wants to escape the responsibility of doing something he knows to be illegal. This resignation is probably what placed the ambassador in Benghazi instead of his State Department headquarters in Tripoli

September 11 was a very busy anniversary date and significant of Jihadi activity. The US ambassador was out of his normal office and into Benghazi on this fateful day meeting with the Turkish ambassador on an issue of grave importance. We do know now that on the previous day security forces in Benghazi are assisting in the taking of photographs around the compound with other unknown people and suspicions were that there was a breach of security on September 10. When the Turkish ambassador had concluded his business on the 11th at about sunset he left the premises and everything was quiet, for about an hour.

Then, alarms went off indicating that there were additional people on the premises of the State Department compound. Details at this point become confused mainly because most of the people who witnessed the attack have not been allowed to testify and the only witnesses are those who received telephone calls for help from inside the compound the witnesses that testified were outside the compound the details of the attack will have to be filled in by others who have not given testimony at this time as to what actually happened, but we do know this: the ambassador was captured and taken to another location and the compound was burned. There were two waves of attack and no one has stated whether each wave was conducted by the same group. We do not know exactly how the ambassador was killed, he was not shot. He either died from asphyxiation or from a self-administered security poison pill. His body was apparently retrieved from a hospital controlled by Sharia Maghrib an Al-Qaeda associated military unit. No American witness was present when he died.

Although almost everybody in the State Department and the White House were made aware of the activities are taking place in the calls for help only one person chose to dismiss himself early in the evening to prepare himself for a fund-raising campaign trip the next day, and that was the President.

At this point testimony is still being heard on why a lie was told to the American people and to the United Nations concerning the details of this event. The truth apparently was relayed to government authorities but scrubbed of all facts that wouldn't Criminally identify the President during the election cycle most people in the country bit on and accepted the lies as evidenced by the fact that the president was reelected in spite of what happened in Benghazi and the events before. Every attempt to expose Benghazi was flawed inasmuch as an assumption was made that Benghazi occurred in a flash and anything pertinent would have occurred after the Benghazi attack the obvious of flaw in all the questioning is that no one has ever asked the question why did the Benghazi attack occur in the first place? What was the business of the Turkish ambassador? And the last question does anybody know how many Stinger missiles are unaccounted for and still out there to harm America?

Almost everything that is happened since Benghazi has been staged as a smokescreen along with the usual stuff like hurricane Sandy, Boston Marathon bombing, IRS suspicions and charges that newsmen have been suspected of espionage simply by trying to get the news.

If you have bought the smokescreen and never asked the question where are those Stinger missiles anyway, then the smokescreen really worked, didn't it it.?

As a postscript thought, why on earth would Barack Obama conduct an outdoor news conference with the Turkish ambassador by his side if the ambassador was never asked to comment on their business. It appears that Pres. Obama was wanting to ensure the ambassador that he was going to continue to not deny the Turkish connection and keep his mouth shut. Did it work?

The sin eaters.

What is Eric Holder's role in all the scandals that are being bandied about?

Don't confuse the Borgias, Machiavelli and Piero de Medicia with plots to poison the Pope. These were food tasters, not sin eaters.

Prominent and well-respected attorney Jonathan Turley, and an article written for USA Today writes about something called the sin eaters. Apologists for powerful men have historically used ceremonial sin eaters who were hired to publicly consume food representing the sins of their masters. Scapegoats have been used in a similar way to carry the burden of sin for somebody in political positions. Hillary Clinton has already resigned from her post as did David Petreas who was asked to be a sin eater but refused. Historically the trappings of power have not changed much in thousands of years. Not only is this the stuff that Shakespeare was made of but it is now today's news.

Bottom line is: "Everything that is happened in the news since September 2012 has been smoke and mirrors.

"If you don't know why Benghazi happened you don't know nothing."

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Kabuki - January 23, 2012

Finding Mitt's Grandmother - July 4, 2012

On this July 4, 2012, I report on my trip to the Idaho Republican convention and in my quest to find Mitt Romney's grandma.

The convention was glorious. It was held in Twin Falls, Idaho, a very beautiful anywhere in the USA type town having all the qualities of rural Western America. The main assembly hall was in the
College of Southern Idaho arts center. The 44 counties of Idaho had gathered with their Republican organizations to elect new officers for the next two years and to select the electoral college and the delegates they would be be will be sending to Tampa Bay, Florida for the national Republican Convention. Gov. Butch Otter and his wife, Lori were there as well as Congressman Raul Labrador, Senator Jim Risch, and Tom Luna, Idaho's Director of Education.

One other star on the horizon will be Lori Otter, a professional teacher with her  Masters of
Education from Brigham Young University and the young bride of the popular Butch Otter, current governor of Idaho. Butch and Lori Otter will be teaming up with Tom Luna to complete education reform by enabling local educators with the best in technology to provide total opportunity for all students to take any course offered in the state, regardless of how large or small a community they reside. Virtual courses can be taught in the classroom or in the home, depending on the capabilities of the school system to provide lab services. The job is already half complete.

Obligations to offer tenure for teachers has been eliminated, also "first in last out" rules for dismissal are no longer in effect. Three bonus tiers are available for teachers who teach beyond the call of duty and excel in their teaching skills. Under certain circumstances, some teachers will be able to make $85,000 a year in bonuses beyond their normal salary. The next step will be decided by voters under a proposition called Yes, Yes, Yes for Students. It is a sweeping reform that will change the way the teachers' union influence the education system. Naturally, the teachers' union seems to be the chief opponent to this plan.

educational Internet to provide curriculum to every student, whether at school or at home is already designed and installed. In the next few years, computers will be available for students to use in school and to take home. With my knowledge of what is to happen in the society of computer users, it will not be necessary to buy a computer for every student in the school system. The delivery of education will be clearly available to the majority of students  and network services will be in general use within the next few years. This means that anybody with a network connected television either by cable or by other network services will be able to participate at any time in classroom activity or in homework or project assignments.

Within a very short time, the dreams of Philo T. Farnsworth will be realized. His invention of television, demonstrated as a high school project in Idaho many years ago will come to fruition. He dreamed of his invention being used for the universal education of mankind. I feel very good about that, but there is more.

Many Idaho Republicans were worried when the 2012 caucus was held in March this year. Many Ron Paul supporters were admitting privately that they were under oath to continue to hold their obligation to support Ron Paul until Ron Paul himself released them from that obligation. It seemed like there was not much difference between a libertarian and an anarchist. The rules of the caucus were clear. Any candidate that had 50% of the
caucus votes +1 was declared the winner of that caucus. Consequently, the same rules were true of all the caucus groups in the state. The conclusion was that all Republican delegates to the national convention would support Mitt Romney on the first ballot. The militant nature of Ron Paul enthusiasts was still a concern as we met recently to organize the Republican Party for the next two years. Vocal tea party activists had already thrown their support behind Mitt Romney, enthusiastically. Many of the participants in the Twin Falls convention were well known Ron Paul supporters. The result of of the convention was very similar to the Three Musketeers, "one for all, and all for one". A week before convention Ron Paul had issued a policy statement to his supporters to confirm to them that he appreciated their continuing support through the convention. It should be noted that Ron Paul and Mitt Romney have been very sweet and civil to each other and have not caused any dissension at this point, However, Ron Paul is still a candidate to be considered at the Florida convention. All other candidates have resigned. I made a private bet with a close friend of mine about the results of the Florida convention. The bet will be, since we are both Mormons, our families will have dinner together after the convention. The payoff of the bet concerns whether Ron Paul will be significantly involved in the choice of vice president and the payoff will be: "Who pays for dinner?" Will he, or his son Rand Paul be the vice president?

The Mystery of Mitt Romney's Grandma
After a brief photographic shoot of Shoshone Falls, it was off to Montpelier, Idaho. It has been rumored that Mitt Romney's roots, in addition to being in Mexico are also in Idaho. Mitt is supposed to have had a grandmother in Montpelier, Idaho. We went there, checked into a small motel that advertised Wi-Fi, but in fact had none for all practical purposes. I could find no one in town that knew anything about Mitt Romney's grandmother. The next day we proceeded to Paris Idaho, the county seat. I searched land and marriage records and asked people but could find nothing. Nobody knew who Mitt's grandmother was. Exercising serendipity, which is my favorite vacation activity, I decided to go through Logan, Utah as an alternate route back to Boise, Idaho.

My trip to Paris had been to photograph the architecture of the historic building called the Paris Tabernacle and it was a successful shoot. The building, built in the late 1800s, was a magnificent piece of architecture and guided tours are available six days a week. A similar building built about the same time was the Logan Tabernacle. After photographing the Logan Tabernacle, I wanted to go inside but the front door was locked. Walking around to the back, I found an open door. After thoroughly photographing the interior of the building and getting very good pictures, I wandered to the basement and saw the first human beings inhabiting the building. It was actually about 50 people busy at work in a library of genealogical books and records. I had stumbled into the local Family History Center but there were no signs to indicate that it even existed in the building. After thinking for a moment that there are no such things as coincidences in the Mormon way of thinking, I sought out a couple of gentlemen talking near the Administrative office who wore the familiar black badges of Latter Day Saint workers.
"I'm looking for Mitt Romney's grandmother." I said. "Can you help me?"

"I don't think she's here."

I told him what I knew already, and they said, "Well, let's look it up."

Within 10 minutes, one of them said, "Look, here it is, Alma Robison was born in Montpelier, Idaho. Not only that, she came to Logan and married, and became Alma LaFount. Her daughter, Lenore LaFount was born right here in Logan, Utah. Lenore married George Romney when she was a student at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City."
My search for Mitt Romney's grandmother was a success and I was very happy. How far was it from Logan, Utah to Boise, Idaho? It was over 320 miles. We got home in Boise, Idaho at 10 PM after a hard five-hour drive.

It was a good trip in every way. I'd collected over 500 excellent photographs and found Mitt's Grandma, just where I thought she was. It was curious that no one I talked to in Idaho knew the facts of that until I accidentally stumbled into the basement of the Logan Tabernacle on the way home.

Marriage for Dummies - May 31, 2012

There is a great deal of misunderstanding about just what marriage is in the political world. Since I don't know whether you are a child or a liberal, I will start with the fundamentals. Forgive me if you do not recognize which group you may be in. I am an old man and forget that my vocabulary may not seem appropriate to you as an individual. Patience on your part would be appreciated. You will undoubtedly recognize everything I say as something you already know.

There will be some who want to look at this in a political way and some will consider the religious aspects. Others will want to consider the legal and constitutional aspects and I will discuss those as well.

 Remember, if you can, your birth parents. One of them was a man and one was a woman. If this is your memory, you are definitely in the majority. We are the human beings amongst the living creatures. It takes two humans to create another human or as we sometimes call it: a baby. Babies generally come in two types, male and female. You may already know this, but I just wanted to make sure we are starting from the same place.

 Why? If you are a religious person you might say, "Because God made it that way". If you are scientific person and prone to arguing you might say, "Yes, but not worms and amoebas". Stick with me on this. That doesn't count as a gotcha.

 To clarify the concept, man + woman = baby. Let us call this a birth event.

 Marriage is not required for this event to occur. In some populations it happens more often than there are marriages. We discover in nature that when a sperm cell from a male joins with an egg cell from a female a new birth event is a possibility. As a general rule, this possibility occurs for about four days out of every 28 days in a woman's child-bearing years. This time is generally defined as between nine and 50 years of age, but may vary from that. The possibility of a birth event being triggered depends on the health of the male and female involved. Approximately 40 weeks after that event a live baby may be produced by the female. Several things may happen that could prevent a live birth. Sometimes the female is injured and the baby does not live. Sometimes the baby does not form perfectly and dies before birth. Sometimes the mother will decide to kill the baby before it is born. Most people of religious persuasion find this objectionable.

 Directing sperm to an ovum is called insemination. The joining of sperm and egg is called impregnation. The emergence of a new human being from the female is called birth. Termination of a human being before birth is called abortion. Some religious people call this murder. Not all people are in agreement with these terms.

 The birth event happens because of a number of reasons. Starting from the least desirable, there is rape. Historically rape has been the reason for the birth event in times of war. Warriors overcome another nation and attempt to defile the nation by impregnating women to shame them and the nation which they represent. There is no desire to express affection for the female nor to care for the offspring which it produces. Rape often happens in civilized society where irresponsible males attempt to impregnate women for their own satisfaction.

 There are a wide number of reasons why unintentional pregnancies occur and can be attributed both to male and female behavior. It is believed that males have a greater urge to consummate the act. Females have been trained by their parents to resist such activity and are convinced it is a good thing to do. It is no wonder that the use of alcohol and drugs which produce feel-good behavior sometimes create a birth event. Civilized society relies on religious belief and social training to regulate activities in this area. As a general rule a female carrying a child may be compromised in her ability to survive and gather food. In addition caring for other children and carrying a child is further compromised. As a survival procedure, it is best for a male who will not have to carry the child to take over the responsibilities in providing food and shelter.

Hopefully you have not been turned off by the discussion so far. Many people have decided that the birth event is the desired result. For those, they may be considering marriage or may have already done that.

Marriage is a popular subject in political circles at this time. In examining the history of the birth event, it will become obvious that no birth has ever existed where a male and a male have been combined or when a female and a female have been combined. Examination of family histories generally indicate that a male and a female are the only combination that produce birth.

 In American society, rights and privileges are sometimes associated with the statute of marriage. Up until this time the United States Constitution has not qualified rights and privileges as being related to marriage, race, age, or sexual persuasion. Certain laws have suggested that certain activities such as home ownership or care and responsibility for disabled member of a relationship should be qualified by marriage. In order to justify constitutional rights, such laws must be changed to allow people who have economic or emotional connections of a committed nature to have survival rights or care and visitation rights for those whom they have selected to live. There is an objection by some to use the term marriage to describe this relationship. Marriage describes the relationship in which there is the possibility of producing a new human being and/or responsibility for another human being. Adoption is a process by which a dependent person can be included in a family responsible unit.

 Business units enjoy the privilege of organizing a Corporation. Some states allow the privilege of creating a civil union. Currently there is an imposition in the case of marriage and civil union to limit the relationship to two individuals. Some civilizations allow that the marriage unit may be more than two people. In many cases, the male is the main component of the unit. Many places in the United States legislate against the concept of polygamy; which is generally described as one man and more than one woman. There may be as many as 50,000 polygamist marriages within the United States. There are millions of these marriages in the Islamic world. History records many polygamist marriages in the Scriptures. One person revered by most of the Judeo-Christian world is Abraham, who was a polygamist.

 Entering into a marriage may or may not produce a new human being. Both monogamous or polygamist marriages can produce new offspring. One night stands and bars may also produce offspring but is not generally codified by the law.

 This chapter only establishes the first premise of marriage. Marriage describes an agreement between one male and one female on the responsibilities of producing support and care for each other and any children produced by the union.

Pairing, Coupling or Incorporating, what is your choice?  Chapter 2

 Any two people may be coupled or paired. This has no qualifications for age or sex. Those who are LGBT may take note that we are talking to them as well as any others that fall into the category other than male and female breeding units.

As a start to creating nomenclature, consider partners, companions, lovers, and the collective term committed. The misuse of the term marriage is a hot button for the majority of people in our society. The desires for others to claim the title is an affront to their sensibilities. Those who do so in spite of the knowledge in this can be considered troublemakers. Of course if you fall outside the definition of married, you may not even realize what you are doing to the feelings of others. You have a full right to the protections and privileges under our law to enjoy the same benefits as married people, but for that, the search for a new term which is not inflammatory is useful. Help me if you will.

 You can be assured that others are sympathetic to your needs but are protective of their own rights as well. I do not know that I am wise enough to come up with a solution on this, but will try to make suggestions.

 In many cultures, a man and woman will draw up a contract concerning their relationship at the time they get married. My wife and I did that in spite of the fact we were first married by civil ceremony, and then years later in a religious ceremony. Our contract took weeks to negotiate and codify. We outlined our intentions, our hopes, and our declaration of commitment. It stands as a framed document in a prominent place in our home. We actually married ourselves, standing alone on a platform in the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco under the great dome. We prompted and repeated each line of our vows by memory before witness holding the script and a clerk of the court for San Francisco. There was no church or state authority, only the clerk who witnessed the certificate filed in the state of California. All our friends and family were present and we enjoyed a magnificent reception at the Century Club of California. This happened exactly 27 years ago and the same could be conducted for any persons wanting to celebrate their union.

 I have had three marriages, two divorces, and something called the Temple Marriage which is a religious covenant.

 In our current systems of laws a man must discard a wife in order to take another. It may be difficult for some people to understand, but the affection for the previous wife may still exist and legally the responsibility for caring for offspring from an earlier wife may still exist. That would be easy to understand if the previous wife were not there because of death. I have reflected on this thought and coined the term "the one and only true love syndrome". It brings to my mind the behavior of the praying mantis and the black widow spider. Human feelings do not always conform to that concept. In our society when a person takes another partner without the permission of his existing partner it is considered a breach. The religious concept is called adultery. The penalty for not abandoning the first wife and taking a second wife is called bigamy in many states. In certain societies adding additional spouses to a family unit is only permitted with the consent of the first in the relationship. Considering that some couples are still bound to each other by law and did not wish to be, they still have their options. Considering that other couples who do not want to disrupt existing families want to be together, there should be a way for them to work these things out.

 Family Synergy is a term used in some communities in California to describe the incorporation of other family members in a unit larger than two. These are sometimes referred to as corporate families. I have known of several such instances. The concept of jealousy is not as clearly defined as most people would understand. A serious study of the classical corporate marriage of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar would indicate that there was mixed feelings that needed to be resolved. What started out to be a good and acceptable idea for Sarah turned out to be a source of jealousy which if it had been bridled would've produced a different world for us today. How often does this conflict exist in our society today?

 I have in my family history several instances of polygamous marriages. The original incident was with Erastus Bingham. His first wife bore him children and four more wives he cared for in their old age. One of his sons, Nephi Bingham, took two wives who were sisters to each other and bore a total of 26 children. He maintained two homes in direct proximity with each other and there was peace and harmony in the entire family. Today, the Bingham family lists over 5,000 members.

The exact number is unknown but in the state of Utah alone there are between 10,000 and 100,000 polygamous families. They are prosperous and productive and have little conflict with the law for criminal activity. Some provide their own schooling and some attend public schools. One of the major movements westward occurred in the mid-1800s as a refuge from laws that did not permit polygamy. In spite of the fact that they had moved thousands of miles in adverse weather where some did not survive, they were pursued by the US government and many of their male leaders were imprisoned under laws that were enacted during the Exodus. The leader of the Mormon Church declared in 1884 that no more polygamous marriages would be consummated and those who already had established were directed to leave the country once again and establish nine new colonies in northern Mexico. Twenty eight years later, a Mexican Revolution caused the Mormon families to have to relocate back to the United States and dispersed throughout the country. Most had stopped engaging in polygamous marriages but some had continued the practice under dissident leaders who settled in outlying areas in border localities. They maintained a low profile 40 years. If any laws need to be changed concerning the rights of those who marry it would be for this religious minority that produced the candidate for the United States in the year 2012.

The original religious institution that fostered these historic families describes marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Every married couple should have a contract that describes the nature of their relationship. The question is, can one person in the relationship enter into another relationship at the same time or must they dissolve the current relationship before doing so. An analysis of that proposition reveals that it is a destructive choice to do so. It is more productive to maintain the original obligations and requirements for care of the offspring than the dissolve it. Is such a choice reasonable?

People having polygamous marriages have been waiting patiently for 160 years. LGBT community should consider when asking for legislation to protect their groups that these people should be included in the mix.

LGBT concerns

So, you fall into this category. You have found a compatible person and want to have a nice wedding like your parents had. Some states will permit that and others won't. In any case you do not have rights from one state to another unless there is some constitutional provision to give you universal rights. There are several areas that need to be worked on. Some corporate and civil agreements can be transferred from state to state. Marriage seems to fall in its own special category. It would be highly advantageous for LGBT persons to be able to have rights anywhere they choose to live. There are some areas of the country that will never be permitted and the likelihood of a constitutional amendment is very very slim. Enterprising attorneys will find it profitable to establish something like family trusts and personal corporations to solve the problem, but attempts to define such relationships under the umbrella of marriage is sure to meet with great resistance. There is nothing that prohibits you from having a wedding cake and dressing for a special occasion and even using recognized authorities within the community to verbally display your vows before your friends and loved ones. Medical institutions will have to recognize members of the trust as being responsible persons in case of emergencies in hospitalization situations. You can do something right now to assure your happiness.

Already some people, libertarians Mormons, Muslims and other minority faiths have complained that the federal government should not have control over marriage. Marriage is a significant holy communion to many. Only those with authority in their belief system should be permitted to conduct these marriages. Amongst Mormons there are significant times when a civil ceremony will be held within a state to create records and opportunities for members of the family who are not part of that religious belief to participate. Then the same marriage is conducted under religious circumstances under authority that they respect. This problem has been solved for those people but for others it is still an issue. A prominent example of this taking place is when Mitt Romney married his wife Anne civilly in one area before both families and then traveled to Salt Lake City to conduct the marriage that they believed was the significant ceremony in a Holy Temple dedicated for that purpose.

A little ingenuity and the LGBT community can allow all to enjoy the benefits they desire. Do not let this problem be a divisive issue used by politicians to their own desires and ends.

To right all these wrongs at the federal level has the unintended consequences of putting all polygamist relationships along with gay and lesbian accommodations. Polygamists have been standing in line waiting for restitution for 150 years. Requests for gay and lesbian marriage has been very recent.


It's déjà vu all over again - May 29, 2012

Ignoramus is an old guy and as an old guy and I'm seeing things I've seen before. In my younger days, when I didn't know any better, I used to sneak over the border and visit Juarez nightclubs. I remember an old master of ceremonies in one of the night clubs who was popular with locals and tourists. Some of the regulars that came would ask him to do routines about how to play the game of golf and such things. Today's fans might go to a political rally and hope that the comedian would talk about the "dog on the roof" or "the steel company that went bust".  They would have seen the star strut across stage with his hand raised, smiling at the audience and waiting for the applause to die out, then he would've built up to the story and after making a pregnant pause before delivering the smutty punch line would tell his story and besmirch his political competitor. Such behavior, demeanor, and pregnant pause timing that is practiced by even today's political characters just brings back the memory of this old tired comic. It is as if he's been resurrected and I'm an old man reminiscing about the good old days. It is déjà vu. I can tell you what is going to happen next. Some of the new things that I will relate depend on the experience I've had with watching Wily Coyote try to defeat that rascally roadrunner.

The launch of Barack Obama's new presidential campaign will bring to mind many things that have happened before. "The steel company that went bust", lasted eight years under Baines management. It should of gone bankrupt after the first two years. Two years later Mitt Romney left the management of that account, a new manager came in and extended the life of the company for four more years. Baines actually kept jobs that would not have been possible for many years. The Baines manager that came in currently works for Barack Obama as a fundraiser.  Another steel company that Mitt Romney had managed now currently has 6000 employees. This is during the time that 90% of the steel industry went bankrupt in the United States due to foreign national competition. Wily Coyote had another bomb blow up in his face.

Attempts to paint Baines as the bad guy will continue to blow up in his face. Companies such as Staples used Baines in the beginning of their business growth to finance and learn how to grow and prosper.  I have this "easy" button, which is a symbol used to describe the service Staples provides its customers.  Staples actually sells this button as an office supply item.
The war on women is another bomb that blew up. Obama's own staff severely underpaid its women employees. The claim that Anne Romney never worked a day in her life has also added to the comedy of the event. Another attack is being aimed at Anne Romney for her practice of dressage, the art of dancing with horses. It was part of the treatment that allowed her to overcome the debilitating effects of MS or multiple sclerosis. She wickedly insured her horses for a great deal of money, but not to their actual value, because she was wealthy enough to self-insure the full value of her horses. The attack on the wealthy is greatly misunderstood. Hopefully, the class warfare game of robbing the rich and distributing it to the poor will also blowup on Barack Obama. The concept of the rich feeding the poor is not a virtue that Marxists understand. I, a poor man, owe most of my wealth in life to rich men such as Howard Hughes and AP Giannini of Bank of America. Barack Obama completely misunderstands the "silver spoon".  It is not a badge of authority to lord over lesser souls, but a scepter of responsibility to do what is best for all men.

In addition to the retro comedy shenanigans that Barack Obama participates in, the use of a backdrop of human faces to add enthusiasm to his speeches is also beginning to backfire. In his previous election, the faces represented the diversity of people who had an interest in him. They were enthusiastic. They cheered and paid attention. In this election cycle, he is trying to use more military faces and leverage his ability as commander-in-chief to have a captive audience. In spite of the fact that these are well disciplined people, they do not display the emotion of his previous backdrops but in fact, sometimes display boredom and disinterest. The civilian audiences are caught yawning.
I have been following Mitt Romney for the past 11 years and I have known members of his family for over 60 years. To me, Mitt Romney is the roadrunner. He is the cousin of the man who would sell you a good tractor. His great uncle was my scoutmaster. I can picture him with his arms folded in prayer. 

His son Josh told me of the story that Mitt was goaded into going headfirst on the luge prior to the Olympics and he was scared to death but he did it for the Olympics PR and enjoyed it (but might not accept the next challenge). I can see him raise his hand and be sworn in as the President of the United States. I can see him sit at the desk in the Oval Office and assure us all that he will do his best to help us overcome the problems that we have.

I hope that many in America will not be seduced by the Obama shenanigans and try to prove that they are not prejudiced. Barack Obama has been a failure in delivering the American dream.  He did not deliver the change he promised. He did not lower the deficit as he promised.

There are too many people in this country who believe that life is a free lunch.  "There ain't no such thing as free lunch."  Remember the acronym, "TANSTAFL".  Without Mitt in the White House, we will all be paying a lot for free lunch.

Nattering Nabobs of Negativity - May 15, 2012

There is a great deal of humor in politics lately. Most of it is not intended. What makes it funny is that the Democratic National Committee thinks it's pulling something over on the public. It makes comments about Mitt Romney that are supposed to be disparaging, but in fact they're merely "nattering nabobs of negativity". In 2008 when Mitt Romney first became a candidate for president, there was a character in the Democratic National Committee named Damien LaVera. His job was to dig up dirt about Mitt Romney. He published a script used by computer trolls who frequented the chat streams of political commentary. Whenever the opportunity arose, these trolls would introduce comments about Mitt's religion or his experiences prior to becoming a candidate for President of the United States. I was always amazed at how quickly a chat stream progressed. Immediately after an article was issued on the Internet, within the first 5 minutes, 20 or 30 comments would be posted in the chat stream.

In learning how to be part of this community, I was amazed at how this could happen. It always took me five or 10 minutes; to create a response and then get it posted; before it appeared on the screen for comment. I sometimes had the comment that would kill the conversation and the chat stream ceased.

 After a while, it was 100 comments or so before I could get into a chat stream.  Then I begin to imagine what was happening.  The trolls actually knew when a chat stream would commence and were waiting with initial responses before there was even a question posed.  Some of the trolls that were not in the same room with each other became confused and lost their place in the script. Often comments identical to others were actually repeated several times in the chat stream. 

I also knew;
in cases where one person was using more than one identity; that it took several minutes for an identity to be changed before a response could be made. I then realized that there was more than one computer involved for trolls working together to work the script so that they could respond in rapid sequence, but they did not have to wait until a response was posted. They could merely cut and paste the script in rapid succession. It was at this point that I was reminded of the term "nattering nabobs of negativity" which was introduced by Spiro Agnew in an election long ago. In my brain shorthand, I begin to think "3n = nattering nabobs of negativity".

Let me give you examples of some of the things that were in the script. One of the popular ones was "dog on the roof". Twenty-four years ago, when Mitt's boys were little, they used to go on family vacations to a nearby lake.  They always wanted to take the family dog, Shamus. Although the car they used was big enough to hold the whole family, there was little room for the dog. Mitt, in his ingenious way, contrived to attach a kennel with a windscreen to the car roof rack; which delighted Shamus to no end. When Shamus saw the kennel being lifted to the roof of the car, he was so excited he could hardly contain himself. The second part of this story is that on one trip Shamus became ill or had diarrhea. It's not clear which one. The problem, however, was the rear of the car was soiled because Shamus could not express his need to go out.  Mitt, in his calm, steady-Eddie demeanor, merely stopped at a service station, got out and hosed down the car, gave Shamus a walk and a pat and went merrily on the way. For someone who's looking for an embarrassing story to tell, this became the second part of "dog on the roof".

When they got to the lake, Mitt was arrested and handcuffed and taken to the local magistrate. Why? The registration letters on the boat were improperly painted so that the Park Ranger could not read them. The boat had been painted twice by amateurs, and the lettering was not as clear as the Ranger thought it should be.

Before the arrest, the Park Ranger told Mitt there was a problem. Mitt,
found out the problem and suggested, "I won't have time to repaint these numbers. So what is the situation if I just launch the boat?"
Ranger: "I would have to issue a citation." 
"What would what cost?"
"About $60, maybe."
"Okay,"  said Mitt, and he launched the boat. 
Then Ranger not only issued a citation, but he called for assistance, which naturally resulted in an arrest and the above mentioned trip to the magistrate.
To the Democratic National Committee, Mitt was a criminal of the worst type.

Damien LaVera is no longer the DNC "Kill Mitt" Chairman. He has become the flack or the person who tries to explain what happened to Solyndra, the fiasco where a billion dollars; including loans and bonuses; was squandered by Obama on a green industry project.

The "Kill Mitt" script still exists at the DNC. Some of the "ridicule Mormon" items have been eliminated due to sensitivity on this issue. The DNC still believe that the public has no memory and some of these items may still be used. My advice to bloggers and people who want to participate in chat rooms is that when they find the first 10 items are anti or negative, to simply not participate from that point onward. The group has already been infested with paid trolls. 

A funny thing happened in a chat room last week. One of the participants was using the name "Paid Troll" as his net handle. He jumped into the fray and begin to appear as he was one of the bunch but the rest of the participants ignored him completely and would not respond to him. They had recognized that he was a double agent and he wasn't really one of them. Although very subtle, for those who know what is happening, it was very, very funny!

Mormons are very familiar with the term "anti". Anti-Mormonism has been in the lexicon for 180 years. Mormons have spider sense when a conversation starts to turn. There is no use in quoting a scripture or engaging in conflict beyond that point. For the typical Mormon, the word "anti" does not press any reactive buttons. It is something they have learned to survive in a hostile world. It is a convenient way to ignore the negative issue and get on with life.
If only it were that simple to teach to the general public. It would simplify the election process a lot. 

Mitt Romney address at Liberty University.

One of the most remarkable political speeches I've ever heard was given at the commencement exercises of Liberty University on May 12, 2012. I have included the text of that commencement exercise along with the C-SPAN pointer to the video.  The introduction of the speaker in the video is given at about the 25 min. mark.  Simply slide the video pointer to 25 min. to hear the introduction of Mitt Romney. His speech actually begins at the 36 min. mark. You can expand the video image to full size by clicking the expand button on the right side of the timeline bar.


By Mitt Romney

    For the graduates, this moment marks a clear ending and a clear beginning. The task set before you four years ago is now completed in full. To the class of 2012: Well done, and congratulations.

    Some of you may have taken a little longer than four years to complete your studies. One gradu....more...

If I wanted America to fail

2012 will be a pivotal year in History. The world will change, not from what happens to us but what we do to ourselves. The people of America are mostly oblivious that we stand at the tipping point in history. We make it or break it in what we do now.

Look at this Video as I introduce you to the big question:

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This is the Video I wanted you to see:

If I wanted America to Fail

What is an ignoramus?

The source of the word ignoramus is from the common Latin dating before the Christian era. Its exact meaning is “We don’t know”. Earlier expressions of the meaning were probably associated with a quick raise of the shoulders and a roll of the eyes.

Ignoramus is an elitist word dating from the time King James ordered an English translation of the Bible which at the time was only available in Latin. Comedy clubs existed in King James time, but they called it university theatre.

Go here to get a historic definition on the word, Ignoramus.

In this politically correct world, it is hard to find appropriate pejorative words to describe stupid people in politics. I hope to be able to provide you with the proper tools for this endeavor. In political propaganda the excessive use of adjectives gives the plot away far in advance of the actual presentation of any issue. The vocabulary of the left wing ignoramus does little to conceal the ulterior motives of the wicked, satanic perpetrator. Whoops, see what I mean?

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