Well this has been the weirdest year that I have lived in in a long time. This year I got a new computer … its sweet but my dad says that is all for school. Yea right lol!

My TV show aired and it was a big hit. Well for what I know it was.

Oh— my dog coco had like 3 of his teeth out and was in the doctor for 2-1/2 hours I think it was and when he got home he was the most drugged up dog I have ever seen. He would randomly get up from his bed and run around the house and then he would fall to the floor where ever he was. Coco also had so many different drugs in him, he had his tongue hanging out about half the day.

I’m now 15 years old and I’m soon going to be getting my Driver's License. I’m so happy, now I won’t have to have my mom drive me all over Idaho. I'm in High School and done with Pathways Middle School. I'm attending MTCHS, Meridian Technical Charter High School; which is like being at the biggest nerd school in Idaho. For everyone's info—I’m a Geek, Nerds don't get paid for what they do - Geeks Do!

So now for fun; I’m back on WoW “World of Warcraft” that I was not allowed to play for like 2 years … Well that is what it felt like. I’m in scouts and just have to wait for the weather to clear up again so I can finish my eagle scout project. I went up to Camp Morrison (scout camp) in the summer.

I also went up on a 50-miler High Adventure. It was a steep hike. We had pack horses to carry in the tents, cooking supplies and food. When I was up there I got lost, but eventually I was found and then for the next 5 days we hiked and hiked and swam and just had fun. 


Cold in Bogus Basin.

Warming up after swim in Lake Cascade.

Chillin' out in a hot spring near Baumgartner.

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