My Personal Recollections
By Gilbert E. Davis
Avaiator Test Pilot
Designer Idaho
Flying Wing
Test Pilot

These photos come from the covers and center fold area where photos appeared in the printed and bound edition which are in possession of the Davis family and friends.

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This is the cover of the first print edition.

Above is the back cover which was printed on the same heavy photo stock as the front cover. The cover was glued over a saddle stitch folded booklet printed in duplex on 11 by 14 inch legal size paper.

Pictured above: All the kids, (bottom row) Kattie, Levi, Sarah, Becky (Aaron's fiance') Aaron, Mallory, Gilbert

Top row: Bethany, Mary, wife Sue, Jeremy, Lindsey, Mike

Mallory and Gilbert share a cherry pie on January 3, a birthday for both of them.

Gilbert on the right with Danny, Bea and Ross and Mary Kay down front.

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