After hangin’ out, pizza & watching videos we went to Pump It Up, where we had lots of room to make huge card buildings. Sam, Keali & Sean were there.

Sam starting his ride to the rim at Bryce Canyon.

Leaving for Camp Morrison
(clockwise from left standing) Jordan, Taylor, Sam, Garrett, Scout Master Eric Garner, Alex, Dillon, Andrew

The best thing that happened to me this year was getting to play WoW. WoW is an online game called World of Warcraft.

I had my 13th birthday party at the house.

This year in school I moved to a different school called Pathways Middle School. One of my teachers is one of the teachers from Lowell Scot Middle School that is my teacher now at Pathways.

This vacation was the best of all that I have had in my life for now. All of the family went up to Zion Park up in Utah even the dogs came with us. Me, mom and dad went in the slot canyons. The guinea pigs did not go they stayed home with a house watcher.

We had a pet chaos when the beloved pet Peek-A-Boo died from a broken back and the Vet ER had to put him down. A week after that beloved pet died we looked on the bright side and mom went and got a new guinea pig she calls Squirt because he has a squirt of white on his forehead.

This year Jeremy and family came down for a few days but they had to go home right away to go to a wedding.

In this newsletter We The People - oh wait - wrong speech! I finally got my mom to let me bleach my hair so I got my hair bleached.

Me made a deal with my parents wait - that is absurd - I have never hear of them; I’m just kidding. The deal was that if I got all As or 6 As and 3 Bs I could have a cell phone.

That is all for now.

Have a very happy New Year!!

P.S. I got my braces off already!

This Halloween Sam (Dracula) went out with friends Sean (Grim Reaper) & Elena (Rabbit) & Elena’s 2 sisters. Despite the cold, & frequent stops back to the house, they got quite a haul.

Sam spends as much time on the phone as we let him. So if you call & the message picks up on the 1st ring — Sam is probably on the phone!

Sam & Butterscotch

At the annual High School Graduate recognition dinner at church, Sam participated in the entertainment as part of a lip-syncing group to a song from “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”
It was really, really funny.

Sam as a blonde streaked hottie.

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