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Download the Picture Controls, click here.

The picture controls in the downloaded zip file are configured for the D90 but may be used with other cameras by downloading from NIKON the appropriate basic curves not delivered with your camera. The D300 for instance does not contain Portrait or Landscape controls, but they may be downloaded and inserted in your camera and be able to use some of these settings. The curves included here can be associated with any Picture Control that is installed in your camera by exporting the PC to your memory chip and then to the Picture Control Utility where it may be modified and renamed for re-installation in your camera. NIKON View will allow you to use these missing curves, even though you don't have them in your camera, so you can sample them first to decide if you want to download new curves for your camera.

The more recently introduced cameras will have the most basic controls. Future cameras may have more or less built into the camera or available installation slots.

You will find a spreadsheet in the NIKON directory of this zip file that describes the relationship of the PICCONxx numbers to the name and settings of the picture controls. There is another copy of the picture control list at the foot of this page.

Here are some Picture controls based on curves:
safe hipeople

The following are specific to the red rose problem:
P&Srose curve
rose s minusrose s plus
The following two images show how apparently overexposed images of roses are actually usable by simply shifting the EV value down a stop and reclaiming the wasted head room of a high contrast subject.

Shifting the EV downwards by .9 and substituting the P&S2 Picture Control stored in the computer allowed this image to be salvaged. If the P&S2 picture control had been used in the camera in the first place, the photographer could have reduced the image exposure by observing the red channel in the rear monitor. In reality, his first view of the monitor would have shown no over exposure, so no adjustment would have been required. The exposure may have been increased until red channel clipping was shown.


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Picture controls distributed by Leon Goodman

PC Name Based on Sharpening Contrast Brightness Saturation Hue Curve Name
02 Point&Shoot Standard
6 2 1 2 0
03 Faces Portrait 7 0 1 0 0
04 P&S 2 Standard 6

2 0 P&S.ntc
05 AutoConFaces Portrait
2 A 1 -1 0
06 Vivid-02 Vivid 4 0 0 0 0 Camera Default
07 Landscape-02 Landscape 4 0 0 0 0 Camera Default
08 Vivid+1 Vivid 7

1 0 Safe hi shadow Boost.ntc
09 BOLD Point&Shoot2 Standard 6 2 1 2 0
10 ThomMore Standard 6

2 0 ThomMore.ntc
11 D2X1-autocB1 D2XMode1 5 A 1 0 0
12 D2X-safe hi-lo bump D2XMode1 5

0 0 Safe hi shadow Boost.ntc
13 D2X1-autocB=-1 D2XMode1 5 A -1 0 0
14 S SafeHi-loBoost Standard 3

0 0 Safe hi shadow Boost.ntc
15 Rose Curve Standard 5

2 0 Rose Curve.ntc
16 S Minus Standard 5

2 0 S Minus.ntc
17 S Plus Standard 5

2 0 S Plus.ntc
21 N Rose auto B-1 Neutral 5 A -1
22 N Rose curve Neutral 2

1 0 Rose Curve.ntc
23 V Rose C=A B=-1 Vivid 4 A -1 0 0
24 V Rose Curve Vivid 4

0 0 Rose Curve.ntc