Table of Contents

Section I - Books

Memoirs of Redemption by Leon Goodman

Erastus to You, Bingham & Sabin Families by Leon Goodman

Hohenwald, Home of Felix Goodman, Sr. by Leon Goodman

Wingman by Gilbert Davis

ignoramus, a question book by Leon Goodman


Section II - Cameras.

Exposure-principles of controlling light




Section III - Images & Albums

Pre-Digital - people, places & things.

p-base - external album transitioning to digital
pvu - Photo Vue The new digital world of photography

Section IV - Beliefs & Mysteries, Gnostic, etc.

Christ Jesus and his family by Norman Heap

FLDS Fiasco - A history of Mormon persecution in our time

Judith - Heroine of the Bible
Mary Magdalene

FREE Bible

Section V- News links from around the world


Bowe Bergdahl