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Every thing you wanted to know about exposure with the new Nikon digital cameras, but didn't know who to ask!

This site is dedicated to Nikon photographers who either bought or are considering buying new cameras in 2008 and 2009. The D90 was introduced as a consumer level camera and has many new and exotic controls to provide very high quality pictures straight out of the camera needing only minimal post processing. Owners of D3, D300 and D700 cameras will also be able to get a better understanding of how best to use their cameras by reading this material. Owners of previous generations of Nikon DSLRs will benefit and learn that Picture Controls and D-Lighting can be used with the current free Nikon View NX program to apply custom curves and adjust their NEF images to have higher dynamic range and improve highlight detail.


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1  History of curves and programmable contrast and gamma

2  Picture Control and Picture Control Utility

3  Creating and installing Custom curves in the camera

4  How to design a curve for your needs

5  Active D-Lighting

6  D-Lighting applied after the shot

7  Where to go for more information

8  The DOWNLOAD page


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